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  • Introduction of our program - Study in USA
    We see increasing demand for our services and professional advisory to parents and their children in relation to explore the opportunities for studying at recognized North American high schools and universities. We would love to help to place your children at good universities and colleges especially as they may be related to their other interests such as sports (successful ice hockey player, tennis player, golfers….) and make life easier and more interesting thanks to different athletic and other scholarship opportunities.

    Based on your request we will conduct the search on opportunities and possible placements in North America. We will assist you to get into tryouts / camps / summer schools to get you necessary exposure and feedback what you need to do to be eligible for studying and playing in North America. You will also have an opportunity to attend an American high school for one year, upon acceptance and placement.

    Subsequently we will assist you in obtaining all necessary documents in order to apply for appropriate visa(s).

    We will get you several quotes for airfare from your home country to the final destination and will arrange for assistance upon your arrival. We will be pleased to get quotes for travel and accommodation for parents who want to accompany their sportsman-scholars.
  • EXECUTIVE FINANCE MANAGEMENT has become a partner and supporter of the unique advisory product for starting businesses. Check www.malepodnikanie.sk
  • EXECUTIVE FINANCE MANAGEMENT is starting its advisory services for Europeans to acquire homes and apartments in South Florida. Thanks to our exceptional relationships with realtors in South Florida we welcome this opportunity to offer European buyers exceptional locations for residential homes and apartments to benefit from the real estate crisis in USA. We offer full service and advisory associated with a purchase, sale or rent of a residential property in sunny Florida as well as its maintenance and up keeping. Our focus is on exceptional locations from Miami to Boca Raton. We want to offer you the same premium standard as we are providing our professional athletes, over the years of experience, securing finest homes and condos as an additional service to our financial advisory. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us and treat yourself the best!