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EFM The Company Products & Services

  • EXECUTIVE FINANCE MANAGEMENT, Ltd., Slovakia is a 100% subsidiary company of Executive Finance Management, Inc., USA with its shareholders being successful professionals from fields as landscape architecture, finance and investment, management and marketing, real estate, hotel, etc. So creating a complete package for developing or consulting of projects like golf resorts including but not limited to 18-hole championship golf course, practice facilities, clubhouse, restaurant, pro shop, maintenance facilities, hotel, residential areas and other recreational facilities.
  • EFM was founded on the need for these kinds of investment projects in Eastern Europe as well as for cities, companies and business executives to utilize creative and innovative consulting techniques to maximize their overall financial performance.
  • EXECUTIVE FINANCE MANAGEMENT also recognizes that most of our clients are successful because they use good time management tools. We found that our clients believe their continuing success depends on their choice of professionals who assist them in time-consuming activities, which are important but may not be central to their primary business.
  • EFM brings world-class experience and services to local markets/clients enabling successful competitiveness in global market.
  • EXECUTIVE FINANCE MANAGEMENT is specializing in financial consulting, investment advisory and management assistance. Services include project management, investment research, setting objectives, time horizons, performance monitoring, timely reporting; securing bank loan origination packages, venture capital; sourcing vendors, analyzing trade opportunities, and others.
  • EXECUTIVE FINANCE MANAGEMENT works closely with US based company as a partner for central Europe to service top NHL Czech and Slovak players. Our primary purpose is to assist professional athletes in obtaining financial security. We are an experienced and well known firm that athletes trust to manage their finances so they can focus on their performance on the field. Our strength is our understanding of investments as they relate to a client’s overall financial picture. Vast experience in investments, estate planning, pension and insurance has made us a renowned organization with a national and international clientele. We are committed to helping each athlete improve their long-term financial success.
  • EXECUTIVE FINANCE MANAGEMENT also provides under PATRIOT project marketing consulting services including marketing audit, management audit, research, marketing / business plans, branding, communication plan - media buying strategy, plan, distribution strategy, plan, pricing strategy, plan, promotion strategy, plan, advertising briefing, advertising production supervision, communication briefing, media strategic planning, promotions layout, briefing and project management, sales and distribution strategy, category management, PR strategy, plan.
  • EFM philosophy is to work as closely with our clients/partners to build long-term relationships, which are beneficial for all of the stakeholders.