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Ice hockey players Q&A

First steps – getting exposure
One of the ways to get adequate exposure is to play amateur junior hockey in North America e.g. Western States Hockey League. We have several teams interested in European imports to assist good hockey players to show their skills and get exposure to the coaches of full hockey scholarship universities.

Here is the example of the budget you need to consider:

The $6,500 player fee (could be paid in a lump sum ....or in installments of ($1,500 upon arrival.....and $1,000 Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb 5th.) If the player is moved up during the season.....installment payments would stop.......and if a reimbursement is due (based on $6,500 prorated over 52 games) then he would be refunded.

This fee does not include airfare, pocket money....or housing cost of $300 per month.

IMPORTANT: The season starts with a training camp and you have to make the team to incur all the fees and get a chance to play in the league!

You will be mailed two invitation letters (1 copy for U.S. Embassy and 1 copy to be brought with you for immigration purposes of obtaining his I-94 card when you enter the United States by air).....You will also receive example of the financial support letter.

You should wait for the original letters in the mail prior to making your appointment with the U.S. Embassy in your country.

Players usually receive Helmet/shield, gloves, pants, uniforms, track suits and bag.

They are responsible for shoulder, elbow and shin pads.....skates and sticks.

Players are covered for medical insurance for all injuries that occur on ice with a $250 deductible. Players are responsible for all off-ice health coverage.

Airport: You will get the information on the exact airport for your final destination where you need to book your airfare.

Housing: Players will live with a host family.....cost is $300 per month.....which covers room and board (all food) We have a team housing coordinator and we will set all of this up for you.

English: There is a free English program that the players can take that meets 2x per week.

Practice: There are on the ice to practice or play 6 days per week. We also provide each player with a gym/health club membership and the players work out there almost daily.

Flight schedules: arrive at final destination August 30/31, 2012

Xmas break: depart December 23, 2012 return January 6/7, 2013

End of season estimate April 15/2013

All the fees, conditions, dates may vary from team to team and you will get exact information once you apply for tryout. These information are only for illustration purposes only and are based on average sums and dates based on our past experience of placing players in this league.